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JohnsonDanforth    is    a    full    service    architectural    design    firm    that combines   decades   of   experience   and   expertise   in   a   wide   variety   of markets    and    building    types    to    ensure    our    clients    enjoy    the    best quality   service   and   proficiency   in   project   execution.   Our   team   also includes   a   network   of   highly   qualified   partners   and   consultants   that can execute practically any project type and size. Our   team   embraces   a   highly   collaborative   process   that   is   dedicated to     service     and     communication     within     the     project     team,     and implements   a   pro-active   approach   to   risk   assessment   and   mitigation during   the   design   process.      Additionally,   the   JDa   team   only   works with   the   very   best   consultants   in   their   respective   fields   of   expertise   - ensuring   that   our   clients   receive   only   the   best   experience   possible, and that our project teams can execute projects of any type and size.


JohnsonDanforth   offers   a   wide   variety   of   professional   design   services for   practically   any   project   type.      Whatever   your   needs   our   team   can execute    any    type    of    project    and    provide    any    number    of    services listed.

The JohnsonDanforth Difference

JohnsonDanforth’s   team   of   Architects   and   Project   Managers   is   very familiar    with    multi-faceted    client    organizations    and    stakeholder groups,   and   complex   project   programs;   and   whether   your   project requires     a     design/bid/build,     negotiated     bid,     or     on-call     contact dynamic    -    our    diverse    project    experience    and    proactive    design philosophy are a great fit for any client or project type. JohnsonDanforth    has    a    client-focused    communication    philosophy and   comprehensive   risk   management   plan   combine   to   facilitate   a more   enjoyable   project   experience   for   the   client,   consultant   team, and    contractor.        We    believe    this    mix    of    service,    experience,    and quality   will   satisfy   all   of   your   project   needs   in   reducing   project   risk and escalating costs.

Project Capabilities

JohnsonDanforth   has   an   experienced   and   highly   qualified   team   of design    professionals    that    collectively    has    well    over    100    years    of experience   in   the   design   and   construction   fields.      We   each   possess   a shared     vision     of     project     execution,     customer     satisfaction,     and unsurpassed   quality   that   brings   them   together   into   a   formidable   and agile team that can meet all of your design needs. Project Types: New Construction Historic Preservation Design / Build Additions Renovations Adaptive Re-Use Expansions Building Rehabilitations Prototype Development Survey Services

“All of our clients receive the V.I.P. treatment,

and ‘Exceptional’ design, quality, and

 service is the standard!”