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JohnsonDanforth     is     dedicated     to     maintaining     the functionality    of    your    facility    and    organization.        This includes   collaborating   with   an   organization’s   design   and purchasing    team    to    provide    procurement    services    to support all aspects of your business. For example some of the items we can procure are: Furniture Medical    Equipment,    e.g.     cath    lab    injectors,    OR booms and lights, imaging systems, etc. Flooring Wall Coverings Custom Millwork JDa   is   capable   of   supplying   any   Furniture,   Fixtures,   and Equipment.      JohnsonDanforth   is   available   to   work   with your    facility    to    create    the    best    possible    solutions    for your       procurement       needs.              Our       client-focused communication   philosophy   fosters   an   environment   that encourages collaboration to meet your expectations. 

Veterans Health Administration

Furniture IDIQ

JohnsonDanforth    is    one    of    the    awardees    for    the    Veterans    Health Administration   Furniture   IDIQ.      We   operate   in   all   five   of   the   VHA regions.      This   IDIQ   allows   us   to   fulfill   procurement   requirements   for the    Department    of    Veterans    Affairs    in    an    expedited    and    efficient manner. We   work   with   Interior   Designers   within   the   VA   all   over   the   country   to ascertain   the   needs   and   desires   of   the   individual   facilities   so   that   JDa can    collaborate    with    our    partners    and    vendors    to    deliver    a    cost- effective product.