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Management Services

The JohnsonDanforth Difference While   numerous   contractors   broker   critical   aspects   of   a project,   JohnsonDanforth   works   hands-on   with   a   full   staff of    pre-construction    and    construction    professionals    with specific   expertise   in   healthcare.      We   do   not   leave   your schedule,   cost,   or   quality   to   chance.      We   know   how   to tackle     the     unique     challenges     healthcare     construction presents in today’s environment. And    most    of    all,    JohnsonDanforth    works    in    a    way    that ensures   uninterrupted   patient   care   and   on-going   patient, staff, and visitor safety.

Pre-Construction Services

Pre-Construction services provided by JohnsonDanforth in connection with your project will be adapted to accommodate the stage of the project and the desires and needs of the Project Team.  At project inception we provide: Scheduling, Budgeting, Bid Management, Value Management, Project Phasing, Cost Control, and Constructibility Reviews.

Clinical Focus

Integral Clinical Leadership What   sets   JohnsonDanforth   apart   from   other healthcare       contractors       is       our       full-time Registered   Nurse   (RN)   who   is   an   integral   part of    our    team.        The    presence    of    an    integral clinical    perspective    enhances    our    healthcare construction           knowledge           for           truly understanding     the     impact     of     construction within the healthcare environment.

Construction Services

As the design is finalized and construction begins JDa provides project management services including: Scheduling, Subcontract Awards, Cost Control, Shop Drawing Processing, Project Accounting, Change Order Processing, New Systems and Equipment Set-Up, and Project Closeout.  We maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of our construction with tested programs and processes and through innovation.

Value Management &


Our Value Management and Engineering process begins with Constructibility Reviews.  This involves the Construction and Design teams examining the drawings to identify any gaps, overlaps, and/or omissions in the document.  Next the team begins the creating bid packages for the subcontractor bid process.  This is the opportune time to review systems, materials, and finishes which may be substituted with more economical choices while still meeting design expectations.  Economy may be realized from a number of sources, such as cost, installation time, availability, and other project driven factors. The owner’s Construction Manager, the JohnsonDanforth Team, the Design Team, and the Subcontractors work together to identify areas and/or items appropriate for Value Management.
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