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Initial Outfitting

& Transition

JohnsonDanforth    provides    a    full    spectrum    of    initial outfitting    and    transition    (IO&T)    capabilities    that    assist healthcare   organizations   in   occupying   and   successfully operating   in   a   new   or   renovated   facility.      Our   expertise spans   the   full   range   of   project   requirements,   from   small clinics     to     large     medical     centers     and     everything     in between.          Our     proven     capabilities,     processes,     and procedures     are     customized     to     the     specific     project requirements.          JDa’s     team     of     medical     equipment planners,       IT       experts,       designers,       planners,       and procurement   specialists   will   assure   full   compliance   with government     regulations     and     healthcare     codes     and standards.

JohnsonDanforth IO&T Services

JohnsonDanforth   offers   IO&T   services   for   government   and   private sector   clients.      We   can   rapidly   respond   to   multiple   requirements   and task    orders    to    meet    constrained    project    schedules.        We    provide complete Initial Outfitting and Transition Services. JDa’s   experienced   Initial   Outfitting   and   Transition   (IO-T)   management team   will   work   intimately   with   your   executive   group   to   identify   and develop     a     complete     design     schedule     for     maximum     efficiency.       JohnsonDanforth’s   Initial   Outfitting   and   Commodity   (IO-C)   team   will manage   the   procurement   and   placement   of   systems   and   services   for each project scope of work. We   offer   superior   planning   and   construction   management   expertise to   execute   even   the   most   complex   transition   with   minimal   downtime and   inconvenience.      It’s   all   designed   to   provide   you   the   added   bonus of   an   exceptional   healthcare   industry   partner   to   execute   your   project -- on time and on budget.

Provided IO&T Services

In order to meet the specific requirements of a new health facility, JohnsonDanforth provides the following services and expertise to ensure each project is completed successfully. Comprehensive Project Management Reuse Equipment Relocation and Transition Installation, Testing, and Training Services Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FF&E) Interior Design Services Equipment Planning and Purchasing Transition Planning and Relocation Final Turnover and Acceptance

Key Processes

Key IO&T Process Components Comprehensive Scheduling and Planning Comprehensive Equipment Planning Competitive Commodity Pricing Timely and Skilled Installation Staff Training and Preparation Technical and Transition Plan Development BioMedical Equipment Review and Certification

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